March 5, 2011

Past Venue: Hagemeister Park

Green Bay, WI

Year opened: pre-1920
Capacity: 200

Hagemeister Park

Pro football tenants:
Acme/Green Bay Packers (APFA/NFL), 1919-23

Postseason games hosted:

Other tenants of note:

Notes: The site was a vacant lot owned by Hagemeister Brewery and adjacent to Green Bay’s East High School. Initially, it was completely open and spectators stood behind ropes along the sidelines and followed the action up and down the field. A small bleacher section of stands was constructed in 1920 and in ’21 a fence built around the exterior, thus allowing for admission to be charged. There were no locker rooms for the players, and at halftime the teams would adjourn to opposite end zones to discuss strategy – sometimes aided by spectators who wandered over from the sidelines.

Fate: Torn down in 1923 as part of construction of a new Green Bay East High School building, which still occupies the location.