May 22, 2011

Past Venue: Liberty Bowl

Memphis, TN

Year opened: 1965
Capacity: 62,380

Memphis Memorial Stadium, 1965-76
Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, 1976 to date

Pro football tenants:
Memphis Southmen (WFL), 1974-75
Memphis Showboats (USFL), 1984-85
Memphis Mad Dogs (CFL), 1995
Tennessee Oilers (NFL), 1997
Memphis Maniax (XFL), 2001

Postseason games hosted:
WFL Semifinal playoff, Blazers 18 Southmen 15, Nov. 29, 1974
USFL Quarterfinal playoff, Showboats 48 Gold 7, June 30, 1985
USFL Semifinal playoff, Invaders 28 Showboats 19, July 6, 1985

Other tenants of note:
Univ. of Memphis (college football), 1965 to date
Memphis Rogues (NASL), 1978-80

Notes: Hosts annual Liberty Bowl football game, 1965 to date. Hosts annual Southern Heritage Classic football game between Jackson State and Tennessee State, 1990 to date. Located at the Mid-South Fairgrounds, playing surface was named Rex Dockery Field in 1983 in honor of Univ. of Memphis football coach who was killed in a plane crash. Stadium has also hosted home games for Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of Mississippi, and Mississippi State Univ. Field area was not large enough to accommodate larger regulation CFL football field, resulting in the Mad Dogs playing by CFL rules on a US-sized field. Stadium was originally built lopsided, with the southwest side taller than the facing northeast side, but an expansion that added 12,000 seats in 1987 resulted in a balanced look. Hosted an exhibition baseball game between the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers during the 1975 season, with the right field fence only 174 feet down the line.

Fate: Still in use