May 25, 2011

Past Venue: Griffith Stadium

Washington, DC

Year opened: 1911
Capacity: Varied from 32,000 to 27,550 in final year

National Park, 1911-20
Griffith Stadium, 1920-65

Pro football tenants:
Washington Senators (APFA), 1921
Washington Pros/Presidents (DFL)*, 1936-37
Washington Redskins (NFL), 1937-60

*Dixie Football League

Postseason games hosted:
NFL Championship, Bears 73 Redskins 0, Dec. 8, 1940
NFL Championship, Redskins 14 Bears 6, Dec. 13, 1942

Other tenants of note:
Washington Senators (MLB – AL), 1911-60
Washington Pilots (baseball Negro leagues), 1932
Washington Elite Giants (baseball Negro leagues), 1936-37
Washington Black Senators (baseball Negro leagues), 1938
Washington Senators (MLB – AL), 1961 (second franchise)
Georgetown Univ., 1925-50
Univ. of Maryland, 1948

Notes: Replaced an earlier wooden ballpark on the same site that had been built in 1891. Named in 1920 for Clark Griffith, owner of the Washington Senators baseball team that owned the stadium. Occasionally used as home venue for George Washington Univ. football and Homestead Grays of baseball Negro leagues. Was also used for some of the scenes in the movie version of “Damn Yankees” (1958).

Fate: Demolished in 1965, site is now occupied by Howard University Hospital.

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