July 8, 2011

Past Venue: Braves Field

Boston, MA

Year opened: 1915
Capacity: 40,000

Braves Field, 1915-36, 42-53
National League Park, 1936-41
Boston University Field, 1953-55

Pro football tenants:
Boston Bulldogs (AFL), 1926
Boston Bulldogs (NFL), 1929
Boston Braves (NFL), 1932
Boston Shamrocks (AFL), 1936-37

Postseason games hosted:

Other tenants of note:
Boston Braves/Bees (MLB – NL), 1915-52
Boston University, 1953-55

Notes: Both the AFL Boston Bulldogs and Boston Shamrocks split their home games between Fenway Park and Braves Field. Hosted one home game of NFL Providence Steam Roller, 1925. Stadium was constructed on what had previously been part of a golf course. Was referred to as “The Bee Hive” during the period when major league baseball’s Boston Braves were renamed the Bees. Stadium was sold to Boston University upon departure of Braves to Milwaukee.

Fate: Largely demolished in 1955 and rebuilt by the university into Nickerson Field with portions of the old stadium utilized. Part of grandstand is still in use, as well as portions of outer wall and the ticket office. Remaining area where structure stood is now occupied by campus housing and the Case Physical Education Center.