August 27, 2016

Highlighted Year: Doc Elliott, 1923

Fullback, Canton Bulldogs

Age: 23
2nd season in pro football & with Bulldogs
College: Lafayette
Height: 5’10” Weight: 210

Elliott was a noteworthy performer in college until being sanctioned for rowdy off-field behavior. He joined the Bulldogs in 1922 and, proving to be an outstanding power runner, received first-team All-NFL honors from the Canton Daily News as the team went 10-0-2 and won the league title.

1923 Season Summary
Appeared in 9 of 12 games
[Bracketed numbers indicate league rank in Top 20]

Rushing TDs – 6 [2, tied with Paddy Driscoll & Ben Jones]
Receiving TDs – 0
Other TDs – 0
Total TDs – 6 [3, tied with Ben Jones]
Field Goals – 0
Extra Points – 0
Points – 36 [8, tied with Ben Jones]

Awards & Honors:
1st team All-NFL: Canton Daily News, Green Bay Press-Gazette

Bulldogs went 11-0-1 to finish first in the NFL for the second straight year while leading the league in touchdowns (32) and scoring (246 points).

The franchise having been deactivated, Elliott moved along with many other top Canton players whose contracts were sold to the Cleveland Bulldogs in 1924. The club won the NFL Championship and Elliott received first-team All-NFL honors from the Green Bay Press-Gazette, scoring another six touchdowns and a total of 40 points. Following another year with Cleveland in 1925, Elliott jumped to the new AFL in ’26, splitting time with the Cleveland Panthers and Philadelphia Quakers, the league’s champions. With the demise of the league after one year, Elliott played minor league football before returning to the NFL with the Cleveland Indians for one last year in 1931. Overall in the NFL, Elliott scored 17 touchdowns, four field goals, and seven PATs, for a total of 121 points. He received at least some first-team NFL recognition after three seasons.


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