August 22, 2011

Past Venue: Crosley Field

Cincinnati, OH

Year opened: 1912
Capacity: 29,603, up from 25,000 at opening

Redland Field, 1912-33
Crosley Field, 1934-72

Pro football tenants:
Cincinnati Celts (APFA), 1921
Cincinnati National Guards (OVL)*, 1928-29
Cincinnati Reds (NFL), 1933-34
Cincinnati Bengals (AFL), 1937; (Independent), 1938; (APFA), 1939; (AFL), 1940-41

*Ohio Valley League

Postseason games hosted:

Other tenants of note:
Cincinnati Reds (MLB – NL), 1912-70
Cincinnati Tigers (baseball Negro leagues), 1934-37
Cincinnati Buckeyes (baseball Negro leagues), 1942
Cincinnati Clowns (baseball Negro leagues), 1943, 45

Notes: Bengals (not related to current NFL franchise) joined second AFL, and upon that league’s demise continued as an independent minor league team in ’38 and joined the minor league American Professional Football Association in 1939 before becoming a member of the third AFL in 1940. Hosted one home game of NFL Portsmouth Spartans, 1931. National Guards of the minor league Ohio Valley League also played home games at Carthage Fair Grounds in 1929. Stadium renamed for Powel Crosley Jr., who bought baseball’s Reds in 1934.

Fate: Demolished in 1972, site became an industrial park.

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